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Thank you for using our mBS Software Development Kit. In order to achieve the best results and quickly start developing and integrating your first runtime image, please follow the instructions on this page and all its suggested further readings. If you want to start using your SDK as soon as possible, follow the instructions on our Quick Start Guide.

Last Updated: July 7th 2017.

For the latest version of this documentation please visit our Developer's Zone Documentation area.

This documentation is structured with the following components:

  • Getting Started

    A quick step-by-step guide to start using all our SDK components. After reading all these pages you will be able to have a general overview of the functionalities of the SDK and what you can achieve with it.

  • Common Tasks

    A detailed explanation on how to execute common tasks with our developer tools and runtime environment. Use this as your reference for getting instructions on the most common activities you can execute with our products.

  • Product Guides

    A detailed reference guide for all the products that are included on our SDK. There are guides for the separate products and all modular components that interact with each other to provide you the best integration experience possible. The main components that we describe on our documentation are:

    • Eclipse Plugins

      All detailed documentation on your developer tools, to be installed and used from an Eclipse IDE, is included here.

    • Device Runtime

      All detailed documentation related to the runtime components (OSGi Platform, mBS Agent (mBSA) and Java Virtual Machine) is included here.

    • Runtime Validator

      All detailed documentation about testing and validation tools for your runtime is included here.

Additional Information

General Copyright Notices for our Products

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Document Conventions

The following text formatting conventions are used in the documentation:

Special Element or Symbol Example
File and directory paths bin/vms/jdk
Files and file extensions boot.ini
Java classes, packages, system properties com.prosyst.mbs.services.db.DBManager
Bundle states Active
GUI Labels OK
Menu commands Server -Shut Down
Values "example value"
Text console commands list
< > Placeholder for a required argument of a console command
[ ] Delimiter for an optional parameter of a console command
{<option1>|<option2>|...} Set of console command options, one from which should be selected