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Products: mBS Smart Home SDK, mPRM


mBS Smart Home SDK

mBS Smart Home SDK consists of:

  • Eclipse Plugins - facilitates building mBS Smart Home related target images; emulate home gateway or control panel; provide target platforms, JVM launchers, mToolkit, mBProfiler, Remote Management Support, OSGi Mobile Specification Support, etc.
  • OSGi Runtime - ProSyst implementation of OSGi Core And Compendium specifications and lots of ProSyst Smart Home specific extensions, like: OSGi Residential Specification, Home Automation Manager (HAM), Home Device Manager* (HDM), Home Protocols - UPnP, ZigBee, KNX, X10, Cameras support etc., Media Broadcasting and Playback (DLNA Server), Notifications, (email, SMS), Home Gateway and Control Panel GUI, Home Applications, etc. To achieve successful recovery on errors mBS provides the mBSA module - a native application whose role is to manage the lifecycle of the JVM process in which mBS is running.
  • OSGi Runtime Validator - provides ability for validation of OSGi Runtime components: functional and non-functional performance and stability tests are executed. Test start scripts, property files, set of test cases, and a set of TEE project files are included.

mBS Smart Home SDK Addons is set of addons to the SDK product and contains:

  • Ready target runtime images for deployment on devices. These images are built with the mBS (SH) SDK, and contain the corresponding modules.
  • SDK extensions (JVMs, board extensions, etc.).


mPower Remote Manager (mPRM) is a powerful and flexible remote management platform allowing the administration of a large set of devices from a single management domain. It features built-in support for a number widespread device types and management protocols. For Smart Home scenario most important are OSGi and TR-069. mPRM is open for adding support for any custom device type.

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