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Products: mBS SDK, mPRM, mBProfiler



The mBS product line provides general OSGi support. It should be used when the device has to be equipped with general OSGi support and there is no distinct vertical ProSyst product line.

mBS SDK consists of:

  • Eclipse Plug-ins - consisting of the mToolkit and mBprofiler plug-ins which provide set of features for development, testing and profiling of OSGi bundles and applications on target devices and on emulators. Providing also the possibility to build and customize OSGi Runtime target images for particular platforms.
  • OSGi Runtime - ProSyst implementation of OSGi Core and Compendium R5 specifications as well as a lot of ProSyst specific extensions such as advanced resource management, isolation, advanced policy for lazy configuration, advanced policy for OSGi security configuration, improved logging framework, localization support, OS utilities, etc. Set of horizontal OSGi based features are also provided: Database, Serial And Parallel, USB, Web Services and SSL/TLS.
  • OSGi Runtime Validator - provides ability for validation of OSGi Runtime components: functional and non-functional performance and stability tests are executed. Test start scripts, property files, set of test cases, and a set of TEE project files are included.

mBS SDK Addons is set of addons to the SDK product and contains:

  • Ready target runtime images for deployment on devices. These images are built with the mBS SDK, and contain the corresponding modules.
  • SDK extensions (JVMs, board extensions, etc.).


mPower Remote Manager (mPRM) is a powerful and flexible remote management platform allowing the administration and software provisioning to a large set of devices from a single management domain. It features built-in support for a number widespread device types and management protocols.

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